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  • Article - 6 Jun 2002
    Nilson discovered scandium (Sc) in 1876. The material was detected in the minerals gadolinite and euxenite.
  • Article - 26 Mar 2002
    The use of plastics and rubbers in building is increasing. Some applications such as pipes and gutters, roofing, cladding panels, anti-vibration mounts, sound insulation, thermal insulation and window...
  • Article - 19 Mar 2002
    Machining of titanium is not as simple as some other metals, mainly due to thermal effects. Suggestions for milling, boring, turning, drilling, tapping, grinding, cutting, electrochemical machining,...
  • Article - 7 Nov 2001
    Vinyl cladding or siding is used in residential and light commercial applications. It has become a popular alternative due to its low cost, durability, versatility and low maintenance. Factors such as...
  • Article - 29 Jul 2001
    Tin (Sn) is mostly found in cassiterite (SnO2) and has been known since ancient times. It is obtained by reducing the ore with coal in a reverberatory furnace.
  • Article - 23 Jul 2001
    Uranium is a heavy, silver-white metal resembling nickel. It is malleable, ductile, slightly paramagnetic and pyrophoric when finely divided. Its main uses are as a nuclear fuel, radioactive isotope...
  • Article - 20 Jul 2001
    Cerium is the most abundant of the rare earth metals. It is malleable and oxidises readily at room temperature. It is used in pyrophoric alloys for cigarette lighters and in the making of some...
  • Article - 6 Feb 2001
    Aluminium Oxide (Al2O3) or alumina is one of the most versatile of refractory ceramic oxides and finds use in a wide range of applications.
  • Article - 10 Apr 2020
    This article outlines and explains what is ferritic stainless steel.
  • Article - 18 Aug 2017
    Liquefied natural gas (LNG) has been a niche product for a long time because of its energy-intensive production process. Of late it is becoming a progressively hot topic.