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  • Article - 14 Mar 2007
    The next generation non-contacting video extensometer is now able to replace traditional contacting extensometers in a wide range of material tests.
  • Article - 5 Jun 2001
    Paper, natural fibres, glass, metals and many plastics are used as packaging materials. The reasons for their use and developments in the packaging industry are explained.
  • Article - 3 Mar 2021
    To assure the highest level of food safety possible for their customers, leading retailers have established requirements or codes of practice regarding foreign object detection and prevention.
  • Article - 14 Feb 2020
    Since the commercialization of Li-Ion batteries in 1991, advancements in Li-ion battery research have further developed towards today's green era.
  • Article - 19 Feb 2019
    In this article, the various options for ensuring the different closing and sealing mechanisms for beverages are discussed and how to test them.
  • Article - 16 Feb 2015
    IR spectroscopy or infrared spectroscopy is used for identifying a group of chemical species in a wide range of sample materials.
  • Article - 26 Jun 2013
    Titanium alloys are divided into alpha alloys, near-alpha alloys, alpha and beta alloys, and beta alloys. Grade Ti 15V 3Cr 3Al 3Sn alloy is a beta alloy that can be strip-rolled and heat-treated. It...
  • Article - 26 Jun 2013
    Grade 21 Ti 15Mo 2.7Nb 3Al 0.25Si alloy has improved oxidation resistance and creep strength. This alloy is resistant to aircraft hydraulic fluids at all temperatures, thus it is ideal for use in...
  • Article - 25 Jun 2013
    Titanium alloys are metals containing a combination of titanium and other chemical elements. They are lightweight and corrosion resistant. Grade 19 Ti 3Al 8V 6Cr 4Zr 4Mo alloy is a beta wrought alloy....
  • Article - 1 Dec 2007
    International Syalons Syalon 101 is the first of the Si-Al-O-N (sialon) family of ceramic materials which has been developed, characterised and is now being carefully manufactured to ensure quality...