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    China rare metal material co., ltd offer all full range of rare earth products, including rare earth metal, distilled rare metal, rare earth oxide, rare earth boride, Rare Earth Fluoride, Rare Earth...
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    SENTECH Instruments GmbH develops, manufactures and sells advanced quality instrumentation for Thin Film Metrology (reflectometer, ellipsometer, spectroscopic ellipsometer) and Plasma Process...
  • Article - 7 Jan 2002
    One of the barriers to wide spread acceptance of solar energy is the cost of photovoltaic systems. This article looks at ways these costs can be reduced such as capital costs, deposition rates, other...
  • Article - 14 Dec 2001
    Safety issues associated with the manufacture, installation and usage of solar cells are addressed in the article.
  • Article - 14 Dec 2001
    This article explores the issue of how long a photovolatic system must operate to account for energy and pollution created in the manufacture of the system. It takes into account the different...
  • Article - 7 Jan 2002
    Amorphous silicon is reviewed as a photovoltaic material. Reasons why it is suited to the application, how it works and how it is applied in solar cells are covered.
  • Article - 20 Apr 2007
    Solar cell research is on making solar cells cheaper and more efficient.
  • Article - 30 Apr 2007
    Spectroscopic ellipsometry offers highly accurate characterization of TFT-LCD display panels based on a-Si and LTPS technologies.
  • Article - 4 Jan 2002
    Cadmium telluride (CdTe) is an alternative materials for use in photovoltaics currently under investigation. Areas of reserach are outlined.
  • News - 12 Oct 2016
    Next-generation anodes for lithium ion batteries will probably no longer be made of graphite. Silicon, which is a related material, can provide a much higher capacity than graphite, but its...