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    Zurich Instruments is a test and measurement company based in Zurich, Switzerland, developing and selling measurement instruments and delivering customer support in key markets around the world,...
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    Bruker Optics, part of the Bruker Corporation is one of the world’s leading manufacturer and worldwide supplier of Fourier Transform Infrared, Near Infrared and Raman spectrometers. Bruker...
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    HORIBA Scientific, part of HORIBA Instruments, Inc., headquartered in the United States, provides an extensive array of instruments and solutions for applications across a broad range of scientific...
  • Article - 11 May 2006
    Chemical bath deposition was used to grow polycrystalline thin films of CdS on glass substrates. During the process of growth relative volumes of nitrate of erbium penta-hydrate (Er(NO3)35H2O). The...
  • Article - 27 Oct 2016
    This article discusses the various control mechanisms for MEMS Coriolis Vibratory Gyroscopes (CVG), and how they can be applied with the commercial off-the-shelf HF2LI Lock-in Amplifier.
  • News - 24 Apr 2018
    Lock-in Amplifier based Amplitude and Frequency Modulation and Demodulation All Zurich Instruments lock-in amplifiers can be equipped with amplitude and frequency modulation capabilities with...
  • Article - 26 Nov 2016
    This article discusses the main principles of Lock-in amplifiers and lock-in detection.
  • Article - 12 Sep 2003
    Acoustic testing techniques provide fast and clean way to check for defects and cracks in a non-destructive manner. Several techniques are described such as nonlinear wave modulation spectroscopy....
  • Article - 3 Sep 2019
    This article describes the use of dynamic mechanical spectroscopy with AFM (AFM-nDMA) for the measurement of viscoelastic properties in polymers.
  • Article - 12 Aug 2020
    Temperature-modulated DSC can be used in the physical properties evaluation of polymer materials.