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  • Article - 25 Sep 2001
    Silicones are polymers with a Si-O-Si backbone. There are different types depending on functional groups in the structure and curing mechanisms. Key properties include thermal stability, chemical...
  • Article - 10 Apr 2018
    Optical Emission Spectroscopy, or OES, is a reliable and extensively used analytical technique used to establish the elemental composition of a wide range of metals.
  • Article - 18 Dec 2017
    Liquid cooled engines and rotating equipment use glycol-based coolants because of their superior heat transfer characteristics.
  • Article - 2 Aug 2016
    Lightweight metals are often produced for operations where lightweight and improved performance properties are required.
  • Article - 6 Mar 2015
    Michael Schober, Development Manager Plansee, talks to AZoM about advanced thin film materials in the touch panel market.
  • Article - 25 Feb 2015
    This article explores the development of machine components at the nanoscale.
  • Article - 30 Jan 2015
    In this interview, Matthew Spiret, Sales and Product Support Engineer, talks to AZoM about the new MPX series of motorized pendulum impact testers from Instron.
  • Article - 16 Jul 2014
    Over the last two decades, process and equipment supply industries have been using the Positive Material Identification (PMI) technique to detect the presence of absence of crucial alloying elements...
  • Article - 1 Jul 2013
    INCONEL alloy 603XL is a nickel-chromium alloy with the addition of molybdenum, silicon, and rare earth elements. The key characteristics of this alloy are its resistance to elevated temperature...
  • Article - 19 Jun 2013
    Rare earth elements (REEs) or rare earth metals are a group of seventeen chemical elements in the periodic table, in particular the fifteen lanthanides as well as yttrium and scandium as defined by...