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  • Article - 6 Feb 2001
    Silicon nitride (Si3N4) comes in forms such as reaction bonded, sintered and hot pressed. Excellent thermo mechanical properties have seen this material used for engine parts, bearings, metal...
  • Article - 21 Nov 2001
    Plasma cutting evolved from Tungsten Inert Gas (TIG) welding. By constricting the nozzle opening, gas velocity increased and effectively blasted molten metal away from the puddle created by the arc....
  • Article - 8 Oct 2019
    Find out how to use gas delivery systems for welding applications.
  • Article - 2 Aug 2016
    Lightweight metals are often produced for operations where lightweight and improved performance properties are required.
  • Article - 29 Jun 2013
    Super alloys also known as high performance alloys are used in environments with very high temperature where deformation resistance and high surface stability are very important. These alloys have...
  • Article - 29 May 2013
    The copper family has around 400 different alloys. Copper is known to possess high thermal and electrical conductivity. Compared to most metals, copper can freely form alloys with several other...
  • Article - 9 Mar 2020
    Sialon and silicon nitride-based technical ceramics offer significant efficiency improvements across a wide range of industrial processes and applications. Find out how, with International Syalons.
  • Article - 4 Jul 2017
    The global steel expert, Masteel has improved its metal fabrication services by providing a new high precision plasma cutting facility.
  • Article - 4 Aug 2019
    Aluminum oxide (Al2O3), also known as alumina can be used as alumina particles for abrasive applications. This article discusses the benefits.
  • Article - 14 Nov 2018
    This article discusses additive manufacturing (AM) and the materials and methods it involves.