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  • Article - 16 Mar 2001
    The design of a prosthetic leg for an athlete is a complex one, many materials such as polypropylene, silicone, titanium and carbon fibre composites are used, while the design must take into account a...
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    Nano Letters reports on fundamental research in all branches of the theory and practice of nanoscience and nanotechnology, providing rapid disclosure of the key elements of a study, publishing...
  • Journal
    Chemistry of Materials is devoted to the publication of original contributions on forefront, fundamental research at the interface of chemistry, chemical engineering, and materials science. Both...
  • Article - 11 Jul 2019
    This article explains the role of polymers infiber optic development and it is paving the way for innovation.
  • Article - 31 Aug 2018
    Thermoplastic composites have, since their advent 15 years ago, provided aircraft manufacturers with a strong, resilient structural composite. Aerospace design permittable databases are available for...
  • Article - 13 Jul 2018
    It was suggested during the early 1990’s that Charge Coupled Devices (CCDs) were slowly becoming extinct and therefore were considered as ‘technological dinosaurs’.
  • Article - 12 Jul 2018
    Depending upon the distance between the surface of a capacitance probe and a target source, the electrical capacitance that is formed between these two objects will vary.
  • Article - 15 Mar 2018
    Ducom’s Rotary Tribometer is a must-have workhorse instrument, already in use in several tribometry labs. It allows for real-time measurement and determination of the frictional properties, and...
  • Article - 13 Dec 2017
    Contact and non-contact measurement solutions provided by Taylor Hobson can be used to improve the design and functionality of roller bearings and to ensure that they are precisely manufactured...
  • Article - 24 Oct 2017
    A screen printing method for applying a polyimide coating for wafer surface protection has shown significant advantages in efficiency and cost over standard spin-etch methods.