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  • Article - 5 Mar 2002
    Researchers at MIT have successfully produced a biomaterial that supports living nerve cells. These peptide based scaffolds may one day serve to help victims of spinal chord injuries.
  • Article - 28 Feb 2002
    It is the properties and structure of buckytubes and other fullerene materials that make them of interest. Electrical, thermal and mechanical properties are covered as are chemistry and molecular...
  • Article - 26 Feb 2002
    The source of the term “galvanizing” is not really related to protecting steel from corrosion. The term was derived from the name of Italian physiologist Luigi Galvani.
  • Article - 7 Nov 2001
    Vinyl roofing offers a clean, quick and safe alternative to built up roof designs, while many existing roofing systems involve a flexible vinyl membrane.
  • Article - 24 Sep 2001
    Although production costs for composite materials (polymer, ceramic and metal matrix) are coming down, it is difficult for them to become accepted materials for aeroengine applications. Thus article...
  • Article - 24 Sep 2001
    By applying heat and air pressure or tool movement, superplastically formed aluminium alloys can be stretched and formed.
  • Article - 26 Jul 2001
    This article provides details on how aluminium nitride is produced, key properties and its applications, including microelectronics.
  • Equipment
    The STA 449 F1 Jupiter® combines unlimited configuration flexibility and unmatched performance in just one instrument.
  • Article - 16 Mar 2001
    The design of a prosthetic leg for an athlete is a complex one, many materials such as polypropylene, silicone, titanium and carbon fibre composites are used, while the design must take into account a...
  • Journal
    Nano Letters reports on fundamental research in all branches of the theory and practice of nanoscience and nanotechnology, providing rapid disclosure of the key elements of a study, publishing...