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  • Article - 16 Mar 2001
    The design of a prosthetic leg for an athlete is a complex one, many materials such as polypropylene, silicone, titanium and carbon fibre composites are used, while the design must take into account a...
  • Article - 10 Sep 2012
    The Paralympic games are bigger than ever, with 4280 athletes competing across 166 teams, and much new found media attention.
  • Article - 27 Jun 2012
    A Diltant, often referred to as a 'shear thickening' material portrays some extremely interesting material properties; it's viscosity actually increases with the applied rate of shear strain.
  • Article - 16 Apr 2020
    BASF has successfully combined its diverse range of products with its application-oriented R&D to develop a composite flooring material with excellent shock absorption and high rebound properties.