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  • Article - 4 Sep 2013
    Alloy 926 is a super-austenitic molybdenum stainless steel that exhibits excellent resistance to a variety of highly corrosive environments.
  • Article - 15 Jul 2013
    Sanicro 30 is an austenitic stainless steel material that has excellent high temperature properties. The alloy resists oxidation, stress corrosion cracking and intergranular corrosion at high...
  • Article - 10 Jul 2013
    Nitronic 32 alloy is a nitrogen strengthened, low nickel austenitic stainless steel that is characterized by excellent fabricability and corrosion resistance, and high strength at both ambient and...
  • Article - 9 Jul 2013
    Super alloys are also referred to as high performance alloys that perform excellently in high temperature environments. They are widely used in across several industrial sectors.
  • Article - 9 Jul 2013
    Pyromet alloy 680 is a nonmagnetic, heat and corrosion resistant, nickel-base alloy that exhibits excellent high temperature strength and oxidation resistance. It is resistant to stress-corrosion...
  • Article - 6 Jul 2013
    Super alloys are used in numerous applications such as petroleum equipment, gas turbine engines, nuclear reactors, submarines, and rocket motors.
  • Article - 3 Jul 2013
    INCOLOY alloys belong to the category of super austenitic stainless steels. These alloys have nickel-chromium-iron as the base metals, with additives like molybdenum, copper, nitrogen and silicon.
  • Article - 3 Jul 2013
    INCOLOY alloys are super austenitic stainless steels composed of nickel-iron and chromium. Corrosion resistance of the alloy can be enhanced and extended over a number of environments by adding metals...
  • Article - 2 Jul 2013
    INCOLOY alloys are composed of nickel-chromium-iron as the primary elements. Additives that are used in this alloy to enhance its strength, corrosion resistance include molybdenum, copper and...
  • Article - 2 Jul 2013
    INCOLOY alloys are super alloys that have nickel as the base metal. Apart from nickel, chromium and iron are the other major components of this alloy. Addition of metals such as molybdenum, copper,...