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  • Article - 8 May 2013
    Aluminium/aluminum is a light-weight metal with a bright silvery luster. This metal along with its alloys are in high demand worldwide.
  • Article - 6 May 2013
    Copper, one of the key base metals, is utilized in the form of copper alloys and electric cables in a myriad of applications.
  • Article - 3 May 2013
    Aluminium / aluminum is a highly sought after metal due to its numerous advantageous properties. It finds use in multiple fields such as automobile, aerospace, marine, and engineering. As it is...
  • Article - 3 May 2013
    Aluminium/aluminum was first commercially used in large scale to manufacture cookware. It is widely used in various sectors such as marine, automobile, and building, as it is easy to fabricate,...
  • Article - 26 Apr 2013
    Aluminium / aluminum has been in use since the earliest civilizations in the form of cooking vessels. It is an excellent conductor of heat and electricity. When combined with elements such as silicon,...
  • Article - 9 Apr 2013
    Silicon-germanium is a general term for Si1-xGex alloy that consists of any molar ratio of germanium and silicon. It is manufactured on silicon wafers by using conventional silicon processing...
  • Article - 25 Feb 2013
    Stainless Steel Grade 302B is a standard specification for chromium and chromium-nickel stainless steel sheet, plate, and strip used mainly for pressure vessels and also for some general...
  • Article - 12 Sep 2012
    Stainless steels are high-alloy steels. These steels are available in four groups that include martensitic, austenitic, ferritic and precipitation-hardened steels.
  • Article - 10 Sep 2012
    Stainless steels are known as high-alloy steels. They contain about 4-30% of chromium. They are further divided into martensitic, austenitic, and ferritic steels. Another group of stainless steels are...
  • Article - 16 Feb 2011
    Master Bond one and two component, heat-curable epoxies, silicones, polyurethanes and polysulfides offer outstanding performance and reliability.