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  • Article - 6 Mar 2018
    In this interview, Don Cohen gives an informed perception about what it takes to identify and solve problems related to surfaces, tribology and friction.
  • Article - 17 Nov 2008
    SABIC Innovative Plastics Lexan GLX polycarbonate (PC) resin coated with Exatec 900 glazing allowed GM’s Advanced Design Studio to create sleek yet durable glazing elements for the EcoJet.
  • Article - 6 Jun 2001
    Developments in the steel industry are helping stave off challenges from alternative materials such as aluminium and plastics in the automotive industry. Steel still dominates for many reasons which...
  • Article - 15 Feb 2001
    This article defines what thermoset composites are, provides key properties and outlines some common applications, including personal armour, automotive, marine and sporting goods.
  • Article - 20 Feb 2019
    This article discusses PDVF or Polyvinylidene difluoride uses as a coating.