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  • Article - 24 May 2001
    Various thermoplastics such as acrylonitrile butadiene styrene, fluoropolymers, polyamides, polyarylates, polycarbonate, polysulphones, thermoplastic polyesters and polyimides, polyoxymethylene,...
  • Article - 16 Mar 2001
    This article provides an introduction into the area of adhesives. It covers areas such as background, terminology, why adhesives are used, advantages and limitations and where they will be used in the...
  • Article - 8 Nov 2012
    In this interview, Gordon Thompson, CEO & Executive Director at Dyesol Ltd, talks to AZoM about the manufacturing prosesses involved in the photovoltaic industry.
  • Article - 13 Sep 2012
    This article explores the materials and design possibilities of the technology, and the impacts it might have on industry.
  • Article - 17 Jan 2007
    This article explores some of the selection criteria/properties and ceramics suited to various applications.
  • Article - 18 Apr 2006
    This introductory paper describes the current state of R&D in materials science and engineering in Indonesia. The paper reviews the industries that produce materials, as well as industries that...
  • Article - 27 Aug 2001
    Surface treatments such as ion implantation, ion beam mixing, laser processing, PVD, CVD and laser alloying are being applied to monolithic ceramic materials to improve surface properties so that they...
  • Article - 9 Nov 2001
    Kaolin is an important mineral for industries such as paper manufacture, paints and ceramic manufacture. Its production in the Asian region is covered as well as consumption, imports, market and...