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    Stan Rubinstein Assoc is specializing in brazing and soldering. And we are the supplier of soldering and brazing pastes, electronic grade solder paste, soldering and fluxes, adhesives and epoxies,...
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    Turbo Braze Corporation manufactures a complete range of brazing and soldering filler metals in paste, powder, wire and preforms, as well as a full complement of flux products for brazing and...
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    STELLA Srl is an Italian Company, Leader in the field of consumables for BRAZING, SOLDERING and WELDING technologies. We can offer a complete and full line of products, including rods, wires, strips,...
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    Founded in 1933 by Harold R. Williams, the company began its existence as Fusion Engineering Company. Its first products were paste solder alloys-carefully blended formulations of atomized filler...
  • Article - 26 Aug 2008
    QPAC®25 and QPAC®40 organic binders from Empower Materials are ideally suited for use as binders in brazing pastes and solutions.
  • Article - 6 Sep 2008
    QPAC® polyalkylene carbonates suit organic binder use in glass applications, including glass preforms, glass frit, and joining materials to glass substrates.
  • Article - 27 Aug 2008
    QPAC® polyethylene carbonate and Polypropylene carbonate organic binders are clean-burning, decomposes at very low temperatures than can be used in fuel cell fabrication.
  • Article - 26 Aug 2008
    QPAC 25, polyethylene carbonate, and QPAC 40, polypropylene carbonate, are the two most widely used products within our family of organic binders.
  • News - 14 May 2014
    Indium Corporation’s Graham Wilson, applications engineer, will present at Brasage in Brest, France on Friday, May 23. Wilson’s presentation, Elimination of Head-in-Pillow in PoP...
  • News - 23 Jun 2011
    Morgan Advanced Materials (MTC) announces the availability of pre-sintered preforms (PSPs) produced by its Wesgo Metals manufacturing site in Hayward, California. The PSPs are ideal for high...