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  • Article - 26 Jul 2018
    This article discusses the benefits of using fiberglass in applications such as auto engineering.
  • Article - 13 Apr 2018
    The rear-view mirror that is mounted on the ceiling above the center of the front windshield has provided drivers with a useful way to monitor their external environments.
  • Article - 28 Jul 2006
    This overview on aluminium covers aspects from its discovery, its sources including raw materials, the properties that make it so attractive, common processing techniques and applications.
  • Article - 15 Jan 2003
    With global magnesium demand increasing, sourcing magnesium is becoming more important. A new process where it can be produced from power station fly ash has been devised. The technology, advantages,...
  • Article - 27 Sep 2001
    Adding nanosized particles to polymers can enhance properties such as strength, modulus, thermal stability as well as decreasing gas permeability. Properties such as toughness and impact resistance...
  • Article - 24 Sep 2001
    Vacuum plasma processing is used in the electronics, aerospace, automotive, medical, military and packaging industries for surface treating of organic materials. It is a low temperature process used...
  • Article - 8 Jun 2001
    Hydroforming is a forming process that uses fluid pressure in place of punches and dies. It can form complex parts that would otherwise require several punched and welded pieces. It is a process of...
  • Article - 1 Jun 2001
    Polystyrene can be made into products with wood-like properties and appearance. These materials have potential application in building in areas such as flooring, cladding, and window and door frames.
  • Article - 30 May 2001
    Precoated steels have gained popularity in the automotive industry as they resist corrosion, reduce the need for protective oils and waxes and can aid production. The processes and applications in the...
  • Article - 4 Jul 2019
    This article discusses the predicted increase of demand of plating on plastic over the next five years.