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  • Article - 6 Aug 2012
    Brass is a term that refers to a wide range of copper-zinc alloys with different properties. This data sheet covers the physical and mechanical properties of red brass UNS C23000.
  • Article - 21 Mar 2009
    This article examines the features and applications of Gold Nanochain (AuNP-Chain: 1-2 µm) including the physical and chemical properties.
  • Article - 10 Feb 2009
    The PETPlus Intrinsic Viscosity Measurement Instrument from Lloyd Instruments uses a well-established unique, solvent-free method for routine measurement of PET.
  • Article - 25 Apr 2005
    Brass alloy CZ108 is a high purity cold forming brass. It is used when severe bending or riveting properties are required. It can be machined but only with slow speeds and very light feeds. The...
  • Article - 26 Mar 2001
    The chemistry of polyurethanes is covered, including the basic production of, raw materials such as isocyanates, polyols, polyethers, polyesters and pre polymers as well as common additives.
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    tec5USA was founded in 2001 as the subsidiary of tec5ag and is a leading provider of industrial products for spectroscopic components, units and systems. Our expertise is in fast concept-to-market...
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    Wyatt Technology Corporation develops instrumentation, software and techniques for the characterization of macromolecules and nanoparticles, in solution, based on light scattering and related...
  • News - 7 May 2019
    Following the proven success of its VP6 Kombi Superplus Spray for industrial chain applications, drive systems supplier iwis antriebssysteme GmbH & Co. KG has launched another innovative product:...
  • Article - 23 Apr 2021
    Next-generation banknotes and passports could benefit from a novel approach to fine-tuning the color of fluorescent polymers, which could also advance microscopy and imaging techniques used in cell...
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    Covestro is among the leading suppliers of premium polymers. Our materials and application solutions are found in nearly every area of modern life. Innovation and sustainability are the driving forces...