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  • Article - 11 Dec 2003
    The function of a hydraulic fluid is to provide a means of power transfer in a hydraulic circuit. The fluid must lubricate the pumps and motors without impairing the function of the other components...
  • Article - 11 Feb 2002
    Fuel cell technology development could well see platinum consumption rise dramatically, where it is used as a catalyst.
  • Article - 4 Feb 2002
    In many cases polymers require additives such as plasticisers to enhance or tailor their properties for specific applications. Plasticisers are defined, and their evolution traced. How they work,...
  • Equipment
    The new ARL QUANT’X EDXRF spectrometer is easier to operate, more efficient and is less expensive to own, providing Researchers and Manufacturers across a variety of applications a modern instrument...
  • Article - 12 Jul 2018
    Depending upon the distance between the surface of a capacitance probe and a target source, the electrical capacitance that is formed between these two objects will vary.
  • Article - 17 May 2017
    This article discusses the myths surrounding wirlessHART networks in the process industry.
  • Article - 4 Jun 2015
    Systems that tend to flow under exposure to stress are called fluid materials such as pure substances, dispersions, mixtures, and solutions. Analyzing their characteristic behavior to an input stress...
  • Article - 16 Jul 2013
    Present day oil analysis is done by using optical emission spectroscopy (OES) to measure the ppm (parts per million) levels of wear metals, contaminants and additives in oil samples.
  • Article - 8 Jul 2013
    Super alloys are built to function well in high temperature applications. Some of the components that use super alloys include gas turbine engines, rocket motors, nuclear reactors, submarines, and...
  • Article - 19 Jun 2013
    Silver is a chemical element with Ag as its symbol. It belongs to group 11, periodic number 5 of the periodic table. Its atomic number is 47.