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  • Article - 17 Jun 2002
    Perforated materials are utilized in different applications as they can control the passage of light, heat, air, solids, liquids, sound and electromagnetic waves.
  • Article - 14 Dec 2001
    The basic design principles and components of a photovoltaic system are discussed. Other factors such as applications, appropriateness, effects of weather, system size, direct and alternating current...
  • Article - 26 Mar 2001
    An introductory article on polyurethanes. It briefly defines what they are and what they are used for, what forms they can take, uses, advantages and disadvantages.
  • Article - 19 Apr 2013
    Silver sulfide is a dense black solid that is insoluble in all solvents, but is degraded by strong acids. It features a covalent bond, as it is made up of silver and sulfur.
  • Article - 9 Nov 2006
    The production of natural rubber or latex is described and includes images of some stages. Details about rubber trees and tapping are also provided.
  • Article - 9 Jul 2015
    The need for superior composite tooling materials is growing with the increasing use of composites in aerospace.
  • Article - 21 Nov 2001
    Plasma cutting evolved from Tungsten Inert Gas (TIG) welding. By constricting the nozzle opening, gas velocity increased and effectively blasted molten metal away from the puddle created by the arc....
  • Article - 17 Dec 2012
    This article discusses Chopped prepreg molding compound (CPMC).