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  • Article - 19 Jul 2013
    Iron-nickel alloys have very low expansion rate at room temperature making them suitable for use in medical, electronics, aerospace engineering, and telecommunications
  • Article - 27 Jun 2013
    NILO alloys are composed of nickel and iron as the main components. In addition to nickel and iron other materials are added for enhancing the strength of the alloy.
  • Article - 24 Jun 2013
    NILO is an alloy consisting of nickel and iron as the main constituents. The amount of nickel varies in different types of NILO alloys. NILO alloys are controlled expansion alloys.
  • Article - 15 May 2013
    Michem Wood Coating 75 is a low VOC water-resistant topical wood treatment for wood composites and exterior wood.
  • Article - 7 Mar 2013
    Speed, power and beauty are just a few of the things that the Lamborghini Veneno can boast. Unveiled in 2013 in Geneva, the Veneno was completed to mark 50 years for Lamborghini in the motor industry.
  • Article - 6 Feb 2013
    A tractor beam can be termed as an hypothetical device that is capable of attracting an object from a distance. It can also be defined as a hypothetical energy beam that can be used for controlling...
  • Article - 5 Feb 2013
    Although graphene was discovered only in 2004, it has captivated the minds of researchers around the world. Graphene is a very flat sheet of carbon that is one-atom thick. The atoms are arranged into...
  • Article - 29 Jan 2013
    Once confined to the world of Star Trek, transparent aluminum is now very much a reality, and can have significant real-world applications.
  • Article - 17 Dec 2012
    In this interview, Steve Ulmer, Vice President of International Sales at OMAX® Corporation, talks to AZoM about advanced abrasive waterjet technology.
  • Article - 14 Dec 2012
    Polyester is a plastic that was invented in the UK back in the 1940s, and is considered as one of the greatest man-made inventions. It is a long- chain synthetic polymer consisting at least 85% by...