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  • Article - 27 May 2022
    Although there is no simple suit that can shield a person completely from radioactive nuclear radiation, some achievement has already been accomplished in developing nuclear protection suits that...
  • Article - 25 May 2022
    New or waste wood can be milled to a fine powder and then mixed with binders like sodium silicate, cement, cellulose, gypsum, plastics, and adhesives to make a filament. These filaments can then used...
  • Article - 20 Apr 2022
    The construction industry is central to many other sectors, and as such, its environmental impact cannot be overlooked. In order to drive the creation of new products, Saint-Gobain offers more...
  • Article - 23 Mar 2022
    This article explores the use of diamond blades, from cutting hard materials in item manufacture to semiconductor wafer production.
  • Article - 21 Mar 2022
    In this interview, AZoNetwork speaks with Angus McFadden, Semiconductor Technology Manager, Kelvin Standifer, Director Semiconductor Business Unit, and Paul Cuddyer, Sales Director, at Technetics...
  • Article - 1 Mar 2022
    Now, new material options available for 3D printing are bringing the technology ever closer to an imagined sci-fi future.
  • Article - 28 Feb 2022
    This article discusses a new effective thermal conductivity model of polymers filled with high conductive particles (HC particles).
  • Article - 25 Feb 2022
    In this article, methods to improve 3D printing quality through the use of pressure sensors are discussed and the impact this could have on the industry is elaborated on.
  • Article - 24 Feb 2022
    Components of today’s turbines can be categorized into the tower, blades, and nacelle (including the turbine drivetrain), each of which has exacting and diverse material requirements.
  • Article - 9 Feb 2022
    This article considers laser diffraction particle size analysis and how it can be applied to cement samples to analyze compressive strength and other factors.