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  • Article - 27 May 2013
    Copper is known for its excellent thermal and electric conductivity and good resistance to corrosion. Copper alloys are subjected to heat treatment methods in order to enhance its ultimate tensile...
  • Article - 21 May 2013
    The Unified Numbering System (UNS) designation comprises five digit numbers preceded by a letter prefix. The letter indicates the identified metal family. UNS C50715 is a copper alloy.
  • Article - 25 Feb 2013
    Stainless Steel Grade 302B is a standard specification for chromium and chromium-nickel stainless steel sheet, plate, and strip used mainly for pressure vessels and also for some general...
  • Article - 4 Sep 2012
    Alloy steels contain different varieties of steels that exceed the composition limits of Mn, C, Mo, Si, Ni, Va, and B set for carbon steels. They are designated by AISI four-digit numbers. They...
  • Article - 23 Aug 2012
    Carbon steels are those that have carbon as the main alloying element. They also contain up to 0.4% silicon and 1.2% manganese. In addition, the residual elements such as copper, molybdenum,...
  • Article - 11 Jul 2012
    The early 1940’s witnessed the development of a coding system for the classification of different types of steels. Designers, heat treaters, draftsmen, and engineers were able to obtain specific...
  • Article - 10 Jul 2012
    Tool steels consisting of a combination of more than 7% molybdenum, tungsten and vanadium, and more than 0.60% carbon, are termed as high-speed steels. High-speed steels can be used to cut metals at...
  • Article - 28 Jun 2012
    ASTM A36 is the most commonly used mild and hot-rolled steel. It has excellent welding properties and is suitable for grinding, punching, tapping, drilling and machining processes.
  • Article - 28 Jun 2012
    AISI 4140 is a chromium-molybdenum alloy steel, the chromium content provides good hardness penetration, and the molybdenum content ensures uniform hardness and high strength.
  • Article - 16 Jul 2010
    Master Bond Inc. formulates a wide range of epoxy, silicone, polyurethane, and polysulfide adhesives for high performance and reliability.