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  • News - 13 Apr 2006
    Scientists studying organic light-emitting devices (OLEDs) have made a critical leap from single-color displays to a highly efficient and long-lived natural light source. The invention, described...
  • Article - 28 Jul 2006
    This overview on aluminium covers aspects from its discovery, its sources including raw materials, the properties that make it so attractive, common processing techniques and applications.
  • Article - 26 Oct 2004
    The discovery of the float glass process followed by curtain wall glazing systems resulted in the integration of huge areas of glass products in the design of several large buildings.
  • Article - 30 Aug 2019
    A crucial aspect in silicone glazing systems, spacer tape maintains a uniform distance between the structure and the glazing panel.
  • Article - 26 Feb 2013
    Grade 301 is an austenitic stainless steel that has a high work-hardening rate. Grade 301LN stainless steel is similar to grade 301L but with low carbon for improved ductility and welding of heavy...
  • Article - 21 Nov 2001
    Plasma cutting evolved from Tungsten Inert Gas (TIG) welding. By constricting the nozzle opening, gas velocity increased and effectively blasted molten metal away from the puddle created by the arc....
  • Article - 19 Oct 2001
    301 stainless steel is an austenitic grade that can be supplied in various hardness and strengths. It also has variants with low carbon and high nitrogen. Applications include railway car structural...