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  • News - 18 Oct 2010
    Scientists at the University of Leeds have perfected a new technique that allows them to make molecular nanowires out of thin strips of ring-shaped molecules known as discotic liquid crystals...
  • News - 20 Jul 2009
    Four of R+D Magazine's prestigious R+D 100 Awards for 2009, which recognize the 100 most significant proven technological advances of the year, have gone to researchers at the U.S. Department of...
  • Article - 20 Jul 2016
    Mechanical testers are the key means of acquiring good data about the mechanical and tribological properties of both DLC coatings and nanocomposite coatings.
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    Veeco is a global leader in Process Equipment technology. Our products combine innovative technological solutions with highest capital efficiency to drive our customer’s critical manufacturing...
  • Article - 31 Jul 2001
    Diamond-like coatings are carbon films with high hardness, high resistivity and dielectric and optical properties. Deposition by plasma CVD, ion beam and closed field unbalanced magnetron sputter ion...
  • Article - 30 Apr 2001
    Plastic beer bottles made from PET offer numerous advantages over their glass counterparts. While they are not currently available, the advantages, disadvantages and technical issues are covered in...
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    Ducom Instruments leads the way in designing and manufacturing advanced materials testing instruments specializing in tribology. Through the application and implementation of cutting-edge technology...
  • Article - 23 May 2017
    This article discusses the nanotribological properties of diamond, like carbon thin flexible films on ACM rubber.
  • Article - 29 Nov 2014
    Tribological coatings minimize friction and wear on components such as in automotive engines. Hauzer Techno Coating offers tribological coatings such as DLC, CrN and ta-C for bulk production.
  • Article - 6 Sep 2011
    Raman spectroscopy is spectroscopic technique, which relies on inelastic scattering of monochromatic light from a laser in the visible, near infrared, or near ultraviolet regions.