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  • Article - 1 Mar 2001
    Smart materials are an interesting field that is growing quickly, and shape memory alloys (SMAs) are one such materials that represent one of the most exciting areas.
  • Article - 20 Feb 2019
    This article discusses the material and properties of Fluoropolymers.
  • Article - 20 Feb 2019
    This article discusses PDVF or Polyvinylidene difluoride uses as a coating.
  • Article - 30 Jun 2018
    This article takes a look at the determination of sulfur and carbon in steel foundries and plants.
  • Article - 20 Aug 2014
    The use of lighter structures, spoolable pipe and rapid assembly techniques reduces infrastructure expenses involved in the replacement of pipeline components.
  • Article - 6 Jul 2013
    Super alloy Altemp 286 is an iron-based alloy that can be used for both high and low temperature applications. For example it can be used for applications requiring high strength and corrosion...
  • Article - 27 Jun 2013
    Commercially pure titanium alloys contain small amounts of oxygen and iron that influence its mechanical properties. Each commercial grade is produced to provide properties suited for different...
  • Article - 15 Nov 2012
    Super alloys are also known as high performance alloys. They have good creep and oxidation resistance, and can be formed in different shapes.
  • Article - 29 Oct 2012
    Super alloys contain a number of elements in a variety of combinations to obtain the desired result. They are also known as high performance alloys. Solid-solution hardening, precipitation hardening,...
  • Article - 10 Jul 2012
    Tool steels consisting of a combination of more than 7% molybdenum, tungsten and vanadium, and more than 0.60% carbon, are termed as high-speed steels. High-speed steels can be used to cut metals at...