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  • Article - 19 Jun 2018
    AZoM spoke to Wright Flow at ACHEMA 2018 to find out more about why they are at the conference this year.
  • Article - 18 Dec 2012
    Copper has been used by man for thousands of years. It was first used to make coins and ornaments in 8000 B.C. By 5500 B.C. copper tools were invented which aided civilization to emerge from the Stone...
  • Article - 18 Feb 2011
    Master Bond Inc. has developed a wide variety of one and two component high peel strength adhesives for challenging bonding applications.
  • Article - 3 Jul 2018
    Jet engine vibration is arguably the worst enemy of a typical aircraft maintenance team. Parts which are out of balance can eventually result in cracked turbine, fan, and compressor components, as...
  • Article - 18 Sep 2019
    This article discusses drug discovery and development and the ideal dispersers and shakers for laboratories.
  • Article - 7 Dec 2018
    This article discusses flywheel energy storage.
  • Article - 9 Jul 2018
    For decades, Ambrell has been partnering with the world’s largest automotive OEMs and integrators as well as Tier 1 and 2 suppliers.
  • Article - 6 Mar 2018
    In this interview, Don Cohen gives an informed perception about what it takes to identify and solve problems related to surfaces, tribology and friction.
  • Article - 21 Feb 2014
    H.C. Starck Ceramics CEO Dr. Carsten Russner gives an introduction to technical ceramics and how H.C. Starck are involved within this industry.
  • Article - 30 Aug 2002
    Nickel coated carbon fibre heating elements are providing an alternative to more wires and foils. Applications include de-icing of aircraft wings and helicopter rotor blades.