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  • Equipment
    The Hiden EQP system is a combined mass spectrometer and energy analyser manufactured to handle the analysis of plasma ions, neutrals and neutral radicals.
  • Article - 13 Jul 2018
    It was suggested during the early 1990’s that CCDs were slowly becoming extinct and therefore were considered as ‘technological dinosaurs’.
  • Article - 6 Jul 2013
    Niobium is a shiny white, ductile and soft metal that shows a light bluish tinge after prolonged exposure to air at room temperatures. It was originally named as columbium by Charles Hatchett who...
  • Article - 5 Apr 2013
    Zinc telluride is a binary chemical compound with the chemical formula ZnTe. It has the appearance of ruby-red crystals or grey or brownish-red powder. Its crystal structure is cubic, like that of...
  • Article - 19 Jul 2009
    Master Bond’s line of electrically conductive adhesives is the number one choice for the design of tomorrow’s advanced electrical circuitry.
  • Article - 22 Sep 2005
    Much effort and funding by the government and private sectors are being allocated towards making Malaysia as a centre of education in South East Asia region. The various universities and colleges in...