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  • Article - 30 Aug 2010
    Mecmesin is a leading designer and manufacturer of force and torque test equipment. They offer precision test instruments and systems that are accurate, reliable and excellent value for money for a...
  • Article - 7 Nov 2001
    Vinyl windows are used in many residential and light commercial applications. They are similar to aluminium windows, using an extruded frame around a glass pane.
  • Article - 26 Oct 2001
    Vinyl is used in many aspects of building and construction due to its durability, ease of construction and cost effectiveness and flame resistant properties.
  • Article - 4 Mar 2013
    Stainless steel grade 316F possesses high creep strength at high temperatures and good heat resistance. The molybdenum content in this steel helps to increase resistance to marine environments. It has...
  • Article - 13 Sep 2012
    Stainless steels are high-alloy steels. They have high corrosion resistance due to high chromium content of about 4-30%. They are classified in to three types such as ferritic, austenitic, and...
  • Article - 22 Nov 2010
    What is tensile testing? Find out how tensile testing can determine how something will react when it is pulled apart and the key applications.
  • Article - 23 Aug 2003
    With automotive manufacturers increasingly turning to lighter materials such as composites, there is also increased pressure on them to recycle these materials. Pyrolysis is a process that can be used...
  • Article - 3 May 2007
    Particulate materials are used in all manner of applications, many of which are encountered day to day.