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  • Article - 20 Jan 2003
    This article discusses repairing eroded and worn power generation and mining industry components with a laser.
  • Article - 7 Nov 2002
    Saffil is a high alumina (96%) ceramic fibre. It has excellent high temperature properties and good chemical resistance to most environments. Furnace linings/insulation is the most common application...
  • Article - 9 Aug 2002
    The issues involved with the establishment of a pan-European set of standards covering gas cylinders is explored. Such things are materials, design, testing and inspection are all covered.
  • Article - 21 May 2002
    Laser marking uses a focused Nd:YAG laser to produce permanent color images on the surface of various materials like metals, glass, and ceramics.
  • Article - 16 Feb 2002
    Compared to osmium, tungsten can endure significantly higher temperatures and has a very low vapor pressure. This results in more luminosity and an extended lifetime.
  • Article - 21 Dec 2001
    Use of high tensile strength steel chords in tyres has enables a weight reduction in construction with no strength penalties.
  • Article - 9 Oct 2001
    Clay-based nanocomposites are generally combinations of clays and polymers. Intercalated hybrids maintain a clay-like structure, with increased spacings between layers, while in exfoliated hybrids the...
  • Article - 19 Jun 2001
    The process of ion implantation is explained and how it is able to form hard, wear resistant surfaces, and ultimately extend component life times.
  • Article - 23 May 2001
    Aluminium, glass reinforced plastics and fibre reinforced composites are the main materials used in small commercial marine craft. Each of these materials has its place in the industry and its...
  • Article - 3 Apr 2001
    This article provides a comprehensive introduction into the process of injection moulding of plastics. It covers the various stages in the process and also looks at design parameters.