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  • Article - 13 Sep 2018
    As countries around the world, particularly those within the European Union (E.U.), have become increasingly interested in reducing their emission rates, the potential utilization of electricity-based...
  • Article - 15 May 2018
    Temperature programmed oxidation (TPO) is a material characterization process that heats a sample of an element or compound, then, in the thermal excitation that takes place it can establish the...
  • Article - 15 May 2018
    As part of their regular review of vehicle standards, the American Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) could be set to change the current ones that were set in 2012, and potentially bring about big...
  • Article - 21 Jan 2015
    The adsorption and desorption isotherms of materials such as MOFs and carbons can be evaluated using different gases at pressures up to 200 bar.
  • Article - 31 Jan 2013
    This article takes a look at the applications of vanadium in rechargeable batteries.
  • Article - 29 Jan 2013
    The catalytic converter is made up of several materials. The catalyst core or substrate varies according to the vehicle.
  • Article - 29 Dec 2012
    Today, fluorescent lamps and tubes are found in many homes and commercial buildings. These lamps are gas-discharge lamps that use electricity to excite mercury vapor.
  • Article - 10 Oct 2012
    Eric Peeters, Vice President at Dow Corning, talks to AZoM about Dow Corning’s involvement in an innovative photovoltaic array in Korea.
  • Article - 14 Dec 2001
    Photovoltaics (PV) is the conversion of sunlight directly into electricity. This article outlines what it is, what a typical PV system looks like, how it can be used, how much a system costs and other...
  • Article - 20 Aug 2001
    Properties such as low density, good strength at elevated temperatures, high strength and excellent corrosion resistance have seen titanium used extensively in industries such as aerospace, process...