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  • Article - 21 Aug 2002
    Gunning is becoming a viable alternative to ramming for plastic refractories.
  • Article - 15 Aug 2002
    In this article, we make a comparison between thermal spraying and hard chrome plating as industry solutions.
  • Equipment
    The mounting press, combined with its easy desktop style and lightweight, compact design, is ideal for laboratories that are looking a mounting press.
  • Article - 26 Jul 2002
    Technologies that use metal powders such as powder metallurgy and thermal spraying have demanded finer powders. The production of finer powders results in defects such as splat caps and satelliting...
  • Article - 15 Jul 2002
    Increased performance has resulted in reduced weight in cars. Consequently, polypropylene usage has increased and processes to improve wetting for painting. Air plasma pre-treatments are outlined, in...
  • Article - 29 May 2002
    Micro-focus x-radiography is a rapid and accurate form of non-destructive testing. While it was originally used for testing of aerospace components, it has been found to be useful in many other areas...
  • Article - 13 Feb 2002
    Titanium can be fabricated in much the same way as stainless steel and nickel-based alloys provided allowances are made for its properties. Some operations covered include welding, resistance welding,...
  • Article - 11 Feb 2002
    Titanium is susceptible to corrosion in some environments despite its relative stability. Some of these types include general, galvanic and crevice corrosion, as well as stress corrosion cracking,...
  • Article - 11 Feb 2002
    The effects of various media such as alkalis, inorganic salts, organic chemicals, organic acids, oxygen, hydrogen, sulfur dioxide, hydrogen sulfide, nitrogen, ammonia and liquid metals on titanium are...
  • Equipment
    The Instron® capillary rheometer systems of the CEAST SmartRHEO Series are specifically designed for R&D.