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  • Article - 8 Mar 2018
    The prevention of metal contamination in food has long been of importance to the food manufacturing/packing industry.
  • Article - 4 Mar 2013
    Stainless steel grade 316LN is an austenitic type of steel that is a low carbon, nitrogen-enhanced version of grade 316 steel. The nitrogen content in this steel provides solid solution hardening, and...
  • Article - 12 May 2005
    Copper and copper alloys are amongst the most versatile materials available and are used for applications in every type of industry. Fabrication techniques, handling, storage and cleaning details are...
  • Article - 18 Sep 2002
    Concrete roof tiles can now be manufactured to look like many other types of roofing materials. Described herein are the origins of concrete roofing, production methods, use of pigments, efflorescence...
  • Article - 8 May 2002
    Iron or rust stains on bricks appears as a yellow to deep brown discolouration.
  • Article - 21 Feb 2001
    Due to the electrical potential difference that develops when two dissimilar metals or alloys are connected together in an aqueous solution, the base metal will become anodic and the more noble metal...