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  • Article - 29 Apr 2013
    Magnesium is among the most abundantly available metals on the earth’s crust. Its applications are limited by its easily ignitable nature. It is commonly alloyed with non-ferrous metals like aluminum,...
  • Article - 26 Apr 2013
    Aluminium / aluminum is a commonly occurring silverish white metal making up nearly 8% of the earth’s crust. It can be mixed with other elements like silicon, magnesium, manganese, copper, and zinc,...
  • Article - 29 Mar 2013
    Diamond is an allotrope of carbon wherein carbon atoms are arranged in the form of a diamond cube. Diamond is transparent to opaque due to its optical isotropic properties.
  • Equipment
    The STM7 is an industrial microscope that offers user-friendly, high-precision, 3-axis measurements.
  • Article - 27 Mar 2013
    Gallium arsenide is a type III/V semiconductor, with high electron mobility and a high saturated electron velocity compared to silicon,.
  • Article - 26 Mar 2013
    Gallium phosphide is used in manufacturing low-cost red, orange, and green light-emitting diodes (LEDs) with low to medium brightness. It is a polycrystalline compound semiconductor that appears pale...
  • Article - 20 Nov 2012
    Modern biomedical applications and drug delivery have paved the way for controlled release technologies in the healthcare industry. This paper details the nuances of controlled release systems,...
  • Equipment
    The BeNano 90 Zeta is a nanoparticle size and zeta potential analyzer from Bettersize Instruments. It can conduct DLS, ELS, and SLS to provide highly precise and accurate particle size, molecular...
  • Article - 29 Oct 2012
    Super alloys contain a number of elements in a variety of combinations to achieve the desired result. They have good creep and oxidation resistance.
  • Article - 26 Oct 2012
    Super alloys or high performance alloys are used at environments with very high temperature above 540ºC (1000ºF) where deformation resistance and high surface stability are chiefly required.