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  • Article - 10 Sep 2002
    Graphite is a distinct material, displaying properties of both metals and non-metals. It is typically grayish-black in color, opaque, and has a radiant black sheen.
  • Article - 23 Jul 2001
    Metallic zinc was produced in India by reducing calamine with organic substances like wool, in the 13th century A.D. Marggraf rediscovered zinc in 1746 and showed that metallic zinc could also be...
  • Article - 31 May 2001
    Novel ceramic processing routes such as sol-gel production of aluminosilicates, core-shell zirconia, single crystal fibre processing and combustion synthesis are examined. The addition of fine powders...
  • Article - 25 Jan 2023
    Sialon is really a generic term for the technical ceramic comprised of silicon, aluminum, oxygen, and nitrogen blended in ratios designed to emphasize certain properties.
  • Article - 28 Mar 2022
    Discover why material hardness testing is important and what the four main tests involve.
  • Article - 26 Jan 2022
    Advanced materials have been one of the cornerstones of nuclear submarine development, and this article will provide an analysis of the subject.
  • Article - 23 Sep 2021
    Ceramic materials suitable for AM methods often lack essential material properties such as density or mechanical strength, which hinders the wider industrial application of 3D-printable technical...
  • Article - 2 Apr 2020
    Surgical instrument manufacturers always need to to investigate ways to lower component cost and improve design functionality where they can.
  • Article - 19 Mar 2018
    Brake materials operate in high friction and high energy environments, especially in automobiles.
  • Article - 7 Feb 2017
    This article discusses the three-dimensional electron backscattered diffraction (3D EBSD) analysis of a microstructure of Ti-6Al-4V (Ti64) alloy.