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    Markus Buehler is the Esther and Harold E. Edgerton Associate Professor in the Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. Before joining...
  • Article - 18 May 2020
    An award-winning additive manufacturing company, Spectroplast AG, has revolutionized the industrial market of 3D-printed products.
  • Article - 11 May 2020
    In this interview, AZoM speaks to Pierre Burgos, a raman-AFM product specialist, about the applications, advantages, and limitations of TERS.
  • Article - 26 Nov 2019
    This article describes how to improve base vacuum with bakeout procedures.
  • Article - 16 Oct 2019
    Knauer dosing pumps provide flexibility with options to deliver almost all fluids including solvents, aggressive substances, viscous oils, and even radioactive liquids.
  • Article - 2 Oct 2018
    In this interview, Dr Damiano Cattaneo talks about the importance of dynamic vapor sorption and how it is a vital measurement in various industries such as pharmaceuticals and biomaterials.
  • Article - 31 Aug 2018
    Thermoplastic composites have, since their advent 15 years ago, provided aircraft manufacturers with a strong, resilient structural composite. Aerospace design permittable databases are available for...
  • Article - 28 Aug 2018
    AZoM spoke to Husam N. Alshareef, of KAUST, about transparent electronic systems he is developing which use oxide semiconductors and the role thin-film deposition plays in his research.
  • Article - 16 Jul 2018
    In this interview, AZoM speaks to Dr Chris Blomfield about the history and future of Kratos Analytical, and how important their user meetings are.
  • Article - 3 Jul 2018
    In this interview, Matt Nowell, from EDAX talks to AZoM about the new OIM Analysis™ v8, the most powerful, flexible and easy to use tool for visualization and analysis of EBSD mapping data.