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  • Article - 31 Aug 2001
    Although unchanged PPO is a semi-crystalline thermoplastic, all commercially available grades are mixed with (high impact) polystyrene so as to enhance melt processability.
  • Article - 27 Sep 2001
    Adding nanosized particles to polymers can enhance properties such as strength, modulus, thermal stability as well as decreasing gas permeability. Properties such as toughness and impact resistance...
  • Article - 19 Aug 2004
    Magnesium alloys have been growing in popularity in recent times. Casting processes and the main magnesium alloys used for casting are outlined. Considerations for die casting of magnesium alloys are...
  • Article - 5 Dec 2018
    In this article, we explore the benefits of using NIR and analyzer systems when carrying out online process measurements.
  • Article - 16 May 2001
    Balanced mechanical and manufacturing properties compared with unmodified grades of polyamide 6/6. Relative advantages, disadvantages and applications are listed together with a table of typical...
  • Article - 16 May 2001
    Improved performance under UV radiation. Relative advantages, disadvantages and applications are listed together with a table of typical properties for this thermoplastic.
  • Article - 24 Sep 2001
    Vacuum plasma processing is used in the electronics, aerospace, automotive, medical, military and packaging industries for surface treating of organic materials. It is a low temperature process used...
  • Article - 31 May 2001
    The stages in producing chrome-like finishes on plastics are described as is the devlopment of the technology. Applications in the automotive industry and domestic fittings indusrty are also examined.
  • Article - 7 Mar 2019
    This article discusses how to measure fuel composition using FT-IR Instruments.
  • Article - 20 Mar 2014
    Over two decades ago, Oriel Instruments developed a sophisticated design mercury source with unprecedented high intensity, collimation, and homogeneity to address the requirement for high resolution...