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  • Article - 4 Sep 2001
    Compared to unmodified PET, minerial filled PET exhibits improved warpage and faster crystallising time, therefore shorter moulding cycles.
  • Article - 29 Aug 2001
    Improved hydrocarbon resistance than PPO alone, however, increases in water absorption result from the nylon content.
  • Article - 11 May 2001
    Better resistance to UV degradation than unmodified HDPE, however slightly more expensive then unmodified HDPE. Relative advantages, disadvantages and applications are listed together with a table of...
  • Article - 7 May 2001
    Relative advantages, disadvantages and applications are listed together with a table of typical properties for this thermoplastic.
  • Article - 23 Apr 2001
    A brief overview of the relative advantages and disadvantages of the Alkyd family of thermosetting polymers.
  • Article - 26 Oct 2001
    Vinyl has many uses in cars and is used for several reasons. Some include cost advantages, environmental reasons and recyclability. Some applications include body mouldings, under bonnet wiring,...
  • Article - 26 Oct 2001
    Despite its wide acceptance, vinyl is a somewhat misunderstood material. Some of the misconceptions associated with vinyl are dealt with.
  • Article - 26 Oct 2001
    Some interesting facts on vinyl such as where it is used, where it comes from, production efficiency, incineration and emissions, recycling, additives, dioxin production, fire performance and...
  • Article - 26 Oct 2001
    The simple answer to the question "is vinyl safe?" is yes. It even has medical applications. Scientists have also failed to find a link between vinyl chloride and human illnesses such as liver cancer.
  • Article - 26 Oct 2001
    Dioxins are a family of chemicals often formed by the combustion of chlorine containing materials. Although global dioxin levels have declined since the 70's, PVC production has increased.