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    Designers and manufacturers of high-temperature, corrosion-resistant alloy products including: radiant tubes, fans, recouperator tubes, muffles, retorts for batch AGF rotary retort furnaces,...
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    Thermcraft Inc. manufacturer's Custom Industrial Ovens, Laboratory Furnaces, and other furnace related supplies is a recognized leader in high temperature heating equipment. Our state-of-the-art...
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    TA Instruments designs and manufactures the world’s highest performing thermal analysis, rheometer, microcalorimeter, and mechanical test systems by focusing on four fundamental measurements:...
  • Article - 27 Feb 2007
    The HALDENWANGER range of ceramics includes high purity alumina, alumina-based, silicon carbide and fused silica materials.
  • Article - 28 Feb 2007
    Haldenwanger, a division of Morgan Advanced Materials produce a range of technical ceramic materials and components.
  • Article - 15 Dec 2005
    Mullites (3Al2O3.2SiO2) are refractory oxide materials combining low thermal expansion, good mechanical strength and resilience at elevated temperatures. McDanel Advanced Ceramic Technologies mullites...
  • Article - 1 Feb 2017
    Equipment for thermal processing of high-purity and advanced materials needs to balance high-quality product output, economic production and safety.
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    The Thermcraft TransTemp transparent tube furnace was originally developed at the Lincoln Laboratory on the campus of MIT.
  • Article - 21 Jun 2013
    The novel furnace system of Harper with dual functionality for a leading national lab is assisting their research, commercialization and development of a broad range of carbon materials from renewable...
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    The Molten Metal Systems business of Morgan Advanced Materials makes an extensive range of high-performance crucibles and foundry consumables for non-ferrous metal melting applications. Our products...