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  • Article - 8 Jan 2004
    Density data is provided for Niobium Nitride (NbN).
  • Article - 30 May 2001
    Hot pressed composites in the system Al2O3-ZrO2-AlN-SiCw-X where X denotes additions of TiB2, TiC, BN or Nb. They combined electrical conductivity with refractoriness, wear and impact resistance and...
  • Article - 17 Aug 2016
    H.C. Starck Solutions are providers of high purity tantalum for use in the semiconductor industry, supplying it in several different forms designed for PVD sputtering.
  • Article - 14 Jul 2017
    Single photon detectors are now known to possess a superior intensity sensitivity; however, the spectral resolution is usually lost after the detection event has occurred.
  • Article - 15 Feb 2002
    Cobalt-chromium-tungsten alloys often referred to as stellite, are a group of wear-resistant alloys with applications where a tough wear-resistant material is necessary.
  • Article - 2 Jan 2002
    Stainless steels are heat treated for a variety of reasons. Treatments include annealing, hardening and stress relieving. They are used to restore desirable properties e.g. corrosion resistance to...