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  • Article - 24 Oct 2003
    With automotive manufacturers using a range of different materials for body parts, life for paint manufacturers has become more difficult.
  • Article - 15 Feb 2002
    Catalysts are used in chemical processes to alter the mechanisms of chemical reactions. They provide an energetically favorable pathway, speeding up reactions that would typically be very slow or...
  • Article - 23 Jul 2001
    Ancient Chinese and Hindus were familiar with mercury (Hg). The metal was also found in Egyptian tombs of 1500 BC. Mercury rarely occurs as such in nature.
  • Article - 11 Jan 2002
    Two main types of titanium dioxide are used industrially, rutile and anatase. Due to poor mechaincal properties they are generally used for optical properties as pigments for paints, plastics, ceramic...
  • Article - 13 Feb 2003
    Zinc's abubdance, extraction, applications and properties are all outlined. Mechanical, physical, electrical, thermal and atomic properties are all included.
  • Article - 26 Feb 2002
    The debate over which of these coatings offers better protection has raged for years. While no direct comparison can be made the subject is discussed and the merits and problems associated with zinc...
  • Article - 20 Jan 2020
    Forensics teams working within police departments frequently need to analyze and identify sample samples for various reasons.
  • Article - 27 Apr 2012
    This article presents Polarization Intensity Differential Scattering (PIDS) as an effective technique to measure such a parameter. Particles colors and shapes are also considered.
  • Article - 18 Aug 2017
    Testing complexity in the paint and coating industry has increased by more strict regulations paired with more complex products.
  • Article - 4 Oct 2011
    Zinc oxide is an inorganic compound with the formula ZnO. It is a white powder that is insoluble in water. ZnO is present in the Earth's crust as the mineral zincite. Properties and applications, both...