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  • Article - 5 May 2006
    This article discusses three techniques that can be used to improve the ability of optical emission spectrometers to detect and quantify large wear particles in lubricating oil. They are an acid...
  • Article - 10 Sep 2002
    Graphite is a distinct material, displaying properties of both metals and non-metals. It is typically grayish-black in color, opaque, and has a radiant black sheen.
  • Article - 2 Aug 2002
    Environmental Scanning Electron Microscopy can be carried out under atmospheres other than vacuum. As such it overcomes limitations of conventional SEM and permits studies like the hydration of...
  • Article - 13 Jun 2002
    Aluminium foil is one of the most familiar and popular materials used in the kitchen and makes up one thrid of the kitchen wraps market. Properties that make it suited to these applications, and the...
  • Article - 26 Oct 2001
    Vinyl has many uses in cars and is used for several reasons. This article covers some of its uses.
  • Article - 24 Sep 2001
    By applying heat and air pressure or tool movement, superplastically formed aluminium alloys can be stretched and formed.
  • Article - 5 Jun 2001
    Paper, natural fibres, glass, metals and many plastics are used as packaging materials. The reasons for their use and developments in the packaging industry are explained.
  • Article - 21 Feb 2001
    Corrosion can be defined as the electrochemical reaction of a material with its environment which results in a degradation of the properties of the metal. It is a redox process.
  • Article - 29 Apr 2021
    The nanotechnology revolution could change the modern world. This article will define nanoparticles, their uses, and their role in driving this technical revolution.
  • Article - 23 Dec 2020
    Zeta potential analyzers are incredibly important for particle characterization. There are multiple methods by which to measure zeta potential, as such it can be confusing to select an instrument.