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  • Article - 8 Aug 2022
    Across the world, the exploration and transportation of crude oil has transformed many sectors. Several approaches to averting the threat of pollution have been researched, and the application of...
  • Article - 14 Apr 2022
    Polymers are defined as materials consisting of macromolecules that are made up of small, regularly repeating smaller subunits. The coextrusion process is a manufacturing process that uses different...
  • Article - 18 Mar 2022
    Conducting polymers refers to polymers that can transmit electrical charge rendering them viable conductor options. These substances integrate metal's electric charge conduction capabilities with the...
  • Article - 7 Mar 2022
    Polymer gels have been studied for decades thanks to their unique and highly tuneable physiochemical properties. Today, with their recently developed color-changing abilities, further applications...
  • Article - 28 Feb 2022
    This article discusses a new effective thermal conductivity model of polymers filled with high conductive particles (HC particles).
  • Article - 3 Feb 2022
    This article will provide an overview of waste sulfur and explore the concept of producing polymers from this by-product for a more environmental solution.
  • Article - 7 Dec 2021
    Discover the use of water-soluble polymer quantitative analysis whilst using the i-Raman EX spectrometer.
  • Article - 22 Nov 2021
    Lasers have been used to weld together plastic parts for decades, but until recently the technology had one major disadvantage: it could not be used to weld clear polymers. Recently, high-powered...
  • Article - 12 Aug 2021
    The 3D printing composites industry will be worth $2 billion within the next decade, with the printing of fiber-reinforced polymers set to be one of the most interesting and impactful areas, states a...
  • Article - 22 Jun 2021
    The Dynisco PolyClean system is a safer and faster way of cleaning polymer tooling.