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  • Article - 30 Apr 2001
    Techniques such as sheet moulding, pultrusion, filament winding, prepreg moulding and resin transfer moulding can be used to produce thermoset composites. These processes can be applied to a wide...
  • Article - 7 Feb 2001
    Bronzes (sometimes called phosphor bronzes) are alloys of copper and tin. While best known for their historical value they are used for self lubricating bearings, pumps, valves, electrical contacts...
  • Article - 7 Nov 2001
    A super duplex grade combining high strength and exceptional corrosion resistance. It is only really suitable for operation between -50 and 270°C. Typical applications include oil and gas exploration,...
  • Article - 18 May 2009
    A pressure vessel is a container designed to hold liquids or gases at a pressure often different to the surrounding atmosphere. Due to the nature of the substances being stored, it is imperative that...
  • Article - 10 Jan 2018
    The term 'pressure vessel' signifies a wide range of different systems, all constructed with the express purpose of confining a large quantity of fluid to a small space.
  • Article - 13 Feb 2018
    Pressure Vessel Steels offers stock materials that are ordered to international standards by applying additional rigorous restrictions to the mechanical, chemical, and testing requirements.
  • Article - 13 Feb 2018
    ASTM A537 Class 1 carbon steel plates are built for use in pressure vessel applications.
  • Article - 13 Feb 2018
    Pressure Vessel Steels supplies superior quality carbon steel plate for boiler and pressure vessel fabrication.
  • Article - 25 Jul 2018
    Drive process engineers require more reliable and precise level measurement systems because of the needs of sophisticated automated processing systems, an increasingly stringent regulatory environment...
  • Article - 21 Nov 2015
    This article discusses the many different methods of fluid level measurement in industrial processes.