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  • Article - 15 Nov 2011
    Master Bond’s technologically advanced adhesives, sealants, and coatings offer unmatched resistance to acids.
  • Article - 15 Oct 2001
    Superconducting motors based on high temperature superconductors are much more efficient than conventional electric motors and can be made smaller, lighter and more economically. They have enormous...
  • Article - 20 Aug 2001
    Properties such as low density, good strength at elevated temperatures, high strength and excellent corrosion resistance have seen titanium used extensively in industries such as aerospace, process...
  • Article - 12 Apr 2001
    A novel coating material, "Armoloy", can be applied to materials to give them a hard, low friction and corrosion resistant surface.
  • Article - 13 Jun 2022
    Three-dimensional (3D) food printing methods have received considerable attention due to growing living standards and higher consumer demand for innovative food. Rheology fills the gap between edible...
  • Article - 5 Jun 2018
    Both analysts in the field and the world’s media continue to proclaim that printed information is in fast decline as contemporary users turn away from books, magazines and newspapers; and instead look...
  • Article - 1 Sep 2017
    While a great number of Automotive Manufacturers are looking to incorporate more lightweight materials, such as aluminum, into their vehicles, steel continues to be the most used material in vehicles.
  • Article - 1 Jun 2022
    This article from Strongwell discusses the different types of corrosion resistant material and how to choose the best one.
  • Article - 24 Aug 2021
    This article discusses the use of Strongwell support structure products for scrubber tanks in wastewater treatment.
  • Article - 28 Oct 2020
    Welding Alloy's standard and complex carbide ranges of welded overlay plates have wear-resistant properties far exceeding those of quenched and tempered abrasion-resistant steels.