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  • Article - 18 Aug 2012
    Brass includes a broad range of copper-zinc alloys having a variety of properties such as ductility, wear-resistance, color, machinability, strength, hardness, antimicrobial, corrosion-resistance, and...
  • Article - 16 Aug 2012
    This data page covers the C61800 copper alloy which displays have high corrosion resistance. Other properties such as mechanical, thermal and fabrications are described along with chemical...
  • Article - 31 Jul 2012
    Aluminium bronzes contain 5 to 12% of aluminium, nickel, silicon, manganese, and iron. They are copper alloys found in wrought and cast form. Due to the presence of hard, adherent, protective alumina...
  • Article - 31 Jul 2012
    Aluminium bronzes are copper alloys, that contain about 5 to 12% of aluminium. In addition, aluminium bronzes also contain nickel, silicon, manganese, and iron. They are found in wrought and cast...
  • Article - 31 Jul 2012
    The UNS C63200 aluminium nickel bronze alloy has high corrosion resistance and strength.
  • Equipment
    Diamond turning has feed rates of up to 6 mm per minute, which means that the finishing of standard components can take less than one minute. In addition to this diamond turning allows established...
  • Article - 28 Apr 2011
    Secondary aluminium smelting differs from primary smelting in that it uses recycled aluminium from scrap, rather than refining it from ore. This article provides a selection guide for refractories for...
  • Equipment
    Viatran's 24A is one of the most versatile pressure transducers ideal for industrial applications.
  • Article - 6 Sep 2010
    This article discusses using laser diffraction for the particle size analysis of drilling fluids.
  • Equipment
    The Alloy 718 is a precipitation hardening nickel-chromium alloy with an exceptional combination of corrosion resistance and high strength.