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  • Article - 26 Feb 2001
    Mechanical seals are important in many industries such as process, automotive and aerospace. This article looks at classes of seals, materials selection, surface finish and design.
  • Article - 29 May 2001
    These materials combine the strength, hardness and wear resistance of carbon with the corrosion resistance and self lubricating properties of graphite. They can be impregnated with various materials...
  • Article - 18 Aug 2017
    Liquefied natural gas (LNG) has been a niche product for a long time because of its energy-intensive production process. Of late it is becoming a progressively hot topic.
  • Article - 11 Jan 2002
    Stainless steels are generally low in maintenance, although some are required to maximize corrosion resistance and removal of surface contamination.
  • Article - 25 Jan 2023
    This article discusses acrylic acids and acrylates, the processes currently used for their production, the drawbacks of such processes, and the feasibility of the sustainable production of these...
  • Article - 15 Nov 2017
    In this interview, Professor Mark B. Shiflett, from the University of Kansas, talks to AZoM about exploring gas solubility in ionic liquids and why a greater understanding of gas solubility in ionic...
  • Article - 6 Feb 2001
    Magnesia is a highly refractory ceramic material. Applications include refractory bricks and shapes, crucibles, cements, heating elements, crushable bushes, thermocouple tubes, brake linings, plasma...