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    Sandem Industries is a major supplier of engineered seals to the Aerospace, Pharmaceutical & Semiconductor industries.
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    Morton Machine Works is a manufacturer of quality tooling components supplying to distributors, catalog houses, and original equipment manufacturers throughout the United States. A complete line of...
  • Article - 13 Aug 2002
    Titanium is probably best known for its application in aircraft components. This article covers many titanium alloys and there usage in the aerospace industry.
  • Article - 25 Oct 2001
    A complete overview on vinyl including history, what it is, where it comes from, environmental issues, health aspects, dioxin emissions, additives, plasticisers, stabilisers, properties and...
  • Article - 19 Feb 2019
    In this article, the packaging industry and how to maintain standards within that through force and torque testing are discussed.
  • Article - 12 Jul 2013
    Super alloys are exceptionally strong and lightweight. These alloys display excellent mechanical strength, creep resistance at elevated temperatures, good surface stability, corrosion and oxidation...
  • Article - 11 Jul 2013
    Nicrofer 7016 TiAl alloy is a precipitation hardenable nickel-chromium-iron alloy that contains aluminum, niobium and titanium and exhibits good corrosion resistance at high and low temperatures.
  • Article - 10 Jun 2013
    The two main properties of precipitation-hardened stainless steels are high corrosion resistance and high strength. Stainless steel grade 17-7 PH is a precipitation hardened stainless steel that...
  • Article - 30 Jul 2012
    Brasses or copper zinc alloys have excellent corrosion resistance and strength. Brasses are easily cold worked and contain good ductility and strength. Copper zinc alloys with about 35% of zinc are...
  • Article - 14 Jul 2010
    Master Bond's abrasion resistant systems are designed to offer superior quality and long term durability.