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  • Article - 11 Jun 2013
    Stainless steel grade 420J2 is inexpensive and highly corrosion resistant steel. It has good corrosion resistance in mild atmosphere as well as domestic and industrial environments.
  • Article - 21 Mar 2006
    In this article zeolite membranes were synthesized by the dry gel method, using a tubular support of stainless steel.
  • Article - 13 Sep 2012
    Stainless steels are called as high-alloy steels. Due to the presence of large amounts of chromium in the range of 4 to 30%, they have high corrosion resistance than other steels.
  • News - 15 Mar 2009
    To help fill the knowledge gap between the innovators who design medical devices and the engineers who best understand materials and their capabilities, ASM International has announced its schedule of...
  • News - 15 Jun 2009
    Yardley Products Corporation a manufacturer of precision engineered threaded metal insert fasteners, today announced the offering of the Yardley Multi-Sert, a direct replacement press-in metal insert...
  • Article - 23 Oct 2001
    420 is a higher carbon version of grade 410. When fully hardened it is the hardest of this family of stainless steels. Hardness is optimised at the expense of other properties. Typical applications...
  • Article - 9 Jun 2001
    Softening processes such as annealing and normalising, and hardening processes such as hardening, tempering, thermochemical processes, carburising, nitriding and boronising are all explained.
  • Equipment
    Air bearing spindles from Precitech are manufactured on-site. The shafts are ground using an extremely precise CNC grinding system, which allows us to grind the shaft OD and the thrust journal faces...
  • News - 7 Oct 2009
    Carpenter Technology Corp. (NYSE: CRS), Wyomissing, PA, USA, is introducing Carpenter CTS-BD1, a new alloy that is part of the Carpenter CTS alloys suite. These particular alloys offer many attributes...
  • News - 5 Mar 2009
    Applying its in-depth knowledge of friction management, The Timken Company (NYSE: TKR) has redesigned its precision bearings to create a longer-lasting dental bearing for high-speed hand-held...