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  • Article - 23 Aug 2001
    Spray formed Ni and Al alloys offer improved performance and reduced costs for some aerospace applications. The process is described and its application to nickel superalloys and aluminium alloys....
  • Article - 7 Nov 2009
    Industrial brazing makes use of gold-based brazing alloys. When compared to base metal alloys, gold-based brazing alloys ensure good mechanical properties of joints at very high temperatures.
  • Article - 31 Jul 2006
    Transient liquid phase (TLP) diffusion bonding has the potential to join oxide dispersion strengthened superalloys (ODS) with minimum disruption to the parent alloy microstructure. In this study, TLP...
  • Article - 11 Oct 2002
    Improved powders produced using more advanced gas atomisation techniques have enabled better components to be produced and the use of techniques not otherwise possible. The advantages of using these...
  • Article - 20 Jul 2001
    Cobalt is a brittle, hard metal white in appearance resembling nickel but with a bluish tinge instead of the yellow of nickel. It imparts hardness to steels and alloys. Radioactive cobalt 60 has many...
  • Article - 21 Feb 2001
    The high pressure turbine is a specialty item. Materials such as superalloys, intermetallics and ceramic matrix composites are considered, as is the use of thermal barrier coatings.
  • Article - 30 Mar 2022
    This article outlines how commodity trading, specifically in nickel, has affected corrosion resistant metal supply and cost. It discusses how silicon coatings can help with these high costs.
  • Article - 1 Aug 2003
    Investment casting is a process that can be used to manufacture high precision metallic components. Materials suitable for investment casting and its evolution are described. Market history and...
  • Article - 9 Jul 2021
    Thermal Barrier Coatings (TBCs) can significantly improve the lifetime and efficiency of aero engines. In this article, we examine the benefits offered by EB-PVD technology for aerospace applications.
  • Article - 13 Jun 2018
    How much does a corrosion resistant coating cost? What is the real cost of buying and maintaining a corrosion resistant surface?