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    Granutools improves powder understanding by delivering leading edge physical characterization laboratory devices. Powder characterization is our only purpose. "All we do is powder flow...
  • Article - 6 Jun 2005
    If the viscosity reduces and immediately returns after shearing, the material is not thixotropic but just 'shear thinning'. It is important to recognise thixotropy in materials, otherwise the shear...
  • Article - 17 Nov 2010
    The following ten points highlight general methods of designing and interpreting rheological tests to optimize sample stability. These points are particularly applicable to colloidal systems such as...
  • Article - 28 Apr 2005
    The thixotropic nature of a coating can be accurately quantified, so a suitable pre-shear and equilibrium time can be used in subsequent tests; the equilibrium time can be taken from the total rebuild...
  • Article - 5 Feb 2020
    This article discusses thixotropy in rheological measurements.
  • Article - 2 May 2002
    Fumed silica is a useful additive for liquid and solid systems. It provides useful rheological properties such as thixotropy and controlled drying as well as hindering the settling of pigments. It...
  • Article - 24 Apr 2002
    Thixoforming is a semi-solid forming process similar to pressure die casting, using lower temperatures. The process is described, advantages and disadvantages outlined and mould materials covered.
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    Demonstration of shear thinning and how a thixotropic materials properties alter when exposed to a shear force.
  • Article - 4 Jun 2015
    Systems that tend to flow under exposure to stress are called fluid materials such as pure substances, dispersions, mixtures, and solutions.
  • Article - 11 Sep 2019
    This article discusses the spray-drying techniques for modifying powder rheology.