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  • News - 29 Jul 2008
    Citius, Altius, Fortius (Swifter, Higher, Stronger) is the Olympic motto that will be motivating athletes from over 200 nations when they compete for medals in Beijing this August. Along with more...
  • Article - 22 Dec 2015
    Polymers are organic materials that are characterized by unique properties, such as tensile strength and viscoelastic behavior under deformation.
  • News - 1 Jun 2010
    Research and Markets ( has announced the addition of the "The European Plastic Additives Market - 1st Edition" report to their...
  • News - 29 Apr 2010
    PVC recipes are currently evolving to take into account legislation against the use of heavy metal stabilisers worldwide, trends in flame retardants and the controversies over the use of some...
  • News - 23 Mar 2009
    Future growth is expected in global demand for PVC, particularly in Asia, India and Latin America according to Jon Nash, Strategic Research Director at Applied Market Information. Construction...
  • Article - 25 Sep 2014
    The by-product of the cheese-making process is called whey, while the dietary supplement and food ingredient formed when components from milk are separated is known as whey protein isolate (WPI).
  • Article - 15 Nov 2011
    Master Bond is a leading adhesive manufacturer offering high quality adhesives, sealants, coatings, and potting compounds.
  • News - 21 Apr 2005
    TOXEL - Helping the Polymer and Plastics Industry to Comply with WEEE and RoHS Plastics are indispensable to countless areas of industry and commerce, particularly the building sector, packaging...
  • Article - 7 Nov 2001
    Vinyl roofing offers a clean, quick and safe alternative to built up roof designs, while many existing roofing systems involve a flexible vinyl membrane.
  • Article - 4 Sep 2001
    Improved UV resistance, where service life can be 3-5 times longer than unmodified PS, therefore, finding applications for outdoor use and the like.